Branch Out Learning and Behaviour Therapy

 Program Services


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Equine Assisted Learning

Incredible Learning & Life Skills with our Horse Teachers!

 For children, adults, families, groups, for any person!


4 Sessions 240$

1 Session 65$

  • Experiential learning approach which promotes the development of life skills.  

  • Focus on life skills can be related to academic achievement and classroom behavior, personal growth and exploration or professional pursuits such as leadership development, team building and executive coaching.

  • Developing relationship skills

  • Teamwork & social skills

  • Boundary development

  • Problem solving 

  • Assertiveness/ self esteem

  • Trust and empathy

  • Emotion awareness and regulation

  • Communication

  • Impulse control

  • Negotiation

EAL Sessions are suited for children, youth and adults (families or groups) who experience:

  • Trauma

  • Development challenges

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Challenges in relationships or communication

  • Challenges in emotion regulation

  • PTSD

  • Addictions

  • Challenging behaviour

  • Any individual or group who has interest in building and expanding self awareness


*A portion of the cost of sessions is donated to the Therapeutic Horse & Pony Club*

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Behaviour Intervention Services

Support through one-one Behaviour Intervention Sessions

  •  For children and individuals 0-adulthood

  • Weekly of one-to-one play based behaviour intervention with foundations in Applied Behaviour Analysis. 

  • Programming progress and staff support monitored by a Behaviour Consultant registered with the Registry of Autism Service Providers (RASP)

  • Individualized goals specified to areas of need with measurable outcomes.

  • Collaboration with external professionals – e.g. Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, School Staff, Psychologist and Counselors

  • On-site or in home consultations with a Behaviour Consultant registered with the Registry of Autism Service Providers (RASP)

  • Flexibility in scheduling and session hours per week. 

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Behaviour Consultation

Strategies and Assessments

  • Available for families of children 0 to 18 years on a fee for service basis.

  • Behaviour consulting for children/youth with behavioural concerns.

  • Functional behaviour assessment and review.

  • Home based, center based, or school based consultation and assessment.

  • Practical take home positive beahviour support strategies and behaviour plan of intervention.

  • Follow up and continued support for families, caregivers or support staff.

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Summer Camps

Fun with friends all summer!

Branch Out Inclusive Summer camps are fun, educational and great for connecting with new and old friends over the summer!

  • Activity based learning in the community and with all kinds of friends.

  • Our summer camps build the sense of community, diversity and fun learning through the summer months.

  •  Branch Out in collaboration with Branch Out Learning Society are offering a number camp spots for children with exceptional needs free of charge.              

Limited spots available. Keep your eyes open for Summer 2022 Registration!

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Groups and Clubs

Expand learning through group activities

  • Learning with peers and friends!

  • Online small groups and in person groups while maintaining social distancing happening every week!

  • Small peer based social groups facilitate understanding of some of the more subtle social skills everyone needs to be happy and have fun at school and with friends. Social thinking based curriculum provides the framework for these activity based groups.

  • Peer based play groups teach how to have regular positive daily experiences with siblings. 

  • Special Interest groups are a great opportunity to learn to cooperate, collaborate and have fun learning something new or something that is already of interest. Connecting with others through a mutual interests.

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Parent Coaching

Guidance & Support

  • Direct support and learning sessions with our trained parent coaches.

  • Proactive strategies for positive interactions with your child

  • Learn the foundations of how your child learns and positive strategies to support that learning.

  • Develop a hands on supported understanding of social language and non-verbal communication with our trained parent coaches.

  • Home based sessions or center based. Build learned positive strategies into daily life.

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Online & In Person Tutoring

Support In The Adventure Of Learning

Learning can be tough - Branch Out can help!

  • Skilled EA and tutoring support for all learning styles and needs through all school grades with one of our Behaviour Interventionists

  • Tutoring available for all academic grades and all subjects.

  • Tutoring and EA support available for individuals attending school or those attending online schooling. 

  • Flexible schedule that works with your child and family life.

  • Learning made fun!

  • Parent and/or school reports ensuring consistency collaboration.

Online tutoring support available for 1-1 or small groups through zoom. In person tutoring available in 1-1 only at this time.​


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